Hi, I’m Friedrich Schmuck and I’m a craftsman of white art!
I am a person with a strong passion, who loves to blend love, accuracy and experimentation using the unavoidable element of Italian cuisine: the flour.

About me…

I come from South Tyrol,

although I spent my childhood in Rome where my great love for pizza was born. Here I attended the API School (Italian Pizzeria Association) and my passion has risen!


Cooking Pizza Lesson

Pizza Man for a day

I offer you the unique opportunity of living a day as Pizza Man! I created for you a special educational workshop to let you know the secrets of my art: an exclusive, fun and unforgettable journey into the world of pizza that awarded UNESCO Status.

A complete sensory experience, which starts with the selection of raw materials in full compliance with their seasonality. In fact, it’s up to a Pizza Maker to interpret, capture and give maximum expression to their value.

The journey through the millenary culture of Pizza continues with the demonstration of the mixing and leavening phases up to the drafting and seasoning. From making the dough to the baking time, you will have the opportunity to have a finger in the pie and to try on your hands the thrill of being a pizza maker for one day!

Our courses are aimed at anyone who has passion and wants to learn


Pizza With a Shovel


Pizza Classic


Spontaneus Fermentation


Almost Integral


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Best Pizzeria Recognition
Insertion in the guide The best pizzerias in Italy



Mentions on authoritative newspapers

Il Glossario, l’Espresso e Repubblica

News paper

Interviews on sector headings such as

Saveurs, Icon Panorama, Identità Golose e GamberoRosso.


Best Pizza in Sicily

per la qualità eccelsa delle materie prime e la ricerca costante di nuove formule e ricette, con particolare riferimento alla fermentazione spontanea”.



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